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K9 Odin Vom Harterhun

K9 Odin is a large, Sable color German Shepherd. He is stable, having been raised in a family setting for the first twelve months of his life (Two adults and two children). His date of birth is December 15, 2018. He is AKC registered, DNA certified (#197286), and microchipped (#990000002393368), with a three generation pedigree. Odin has a great obedience foundation, on and off leash, while having great protection foundation. Odin has a strong full bite with rapid release upon request. Completed sale includes a $3,900.00 FREE training package which consist of a weekly 30 minute maintenance visit for a total of 26 visits. Total cost for Odin is $35,000.00 or $30,000.00 without the weekly visits.